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Systematic Investment Plans are famous among the investors and banking and finance market as SIPs. It is essentially an investment process and scheme offered by Mutual Funds wherein an investor is empowered to choose a fixed amount in a Mutual Fund scheme at regular intervals. For example, once in a month or once in a quarter. In the sense, the scheme allows you to regularly save money from your earnings.

You can set and plan your installment depending on your monthly earnings. The installment amount could be as little as Rs. 500 per month. In the sense, it is similar to a recurring deposit. At the same time, you have the luxury to pass standing instructions to your bank to debit the decided amount every month from your account. Own wealth planner is helping people cutting across professions to choose SIPs that best suit their savings requirements.


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How do we find the brilliant SIP Plans?

Consider size of the corpus

Existence of mutual fund

Volatility and liquidity

Ranking accredited by leading credit firms

In this regard, don’t hesitate to take support and guidance from Aastha Fincorp, a prominent SIP advisor in Surat. According to a prominent SIP consultant in Surat, it is extremely important to invest for the long-term. What does that mean? It means that you should start investing early.

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