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The banking and finance sector continues to introduce innovative products driven by changing market dynamics. Rightly so, as customers are striving to explore investment options that are safe, reliable, and offer brilliant returns on investment. In this investment-centric blog, we are going to highlight an emerging finance company, Liquiloans

Learning about Liquiloans 

Liquiloans has emerged as one of the best P2P platforms in India, riding on transparency, investor-friendly schemes, and most importantly security. For the benefit of our customers, we would like to share the authenticity and credibility of this leading FinTech. company. The innovation-driven company is India’s largest P2P, NBFC; licensed and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).      

Why should you choose Liquiloans over other banking and financial institutes? 

There are plenty of reasons to join hands with the company for safe and profitable returns for personal investment. These include: 

Invest in credit-worthy borrowers 

Have you ever come across a company that helps you connect with credit-worthy borrowers? Driven by the vision to connect P2P for a mutually beneficial union, the company allows investors to invest in credit-worthy borrowers with an average credit score above 700+ and demonstrate the ability of high intent to pay back. It is validated from their loan/ credit line repayment history.                  

High diversification 

This is one of the unique features of Liquiloans. The company diversifies your hard-earned investment funds into multiple loans. As a result, the risk factor is mitigated to a great extent, ensuring safe returns on investment. You would be glad to learn that portfolio exposure per borrower is limited to 0.5% only.      

Over the years, investment-friendly schemes have become a favorite among investors and borrowers, especially government employees, looking for continued monthly income. 

Low-risk, safe returns 

You would be surprised to learn about the statistics. At 0.18% net NPA, 100% of investors have made money at indicative returns without loss of capital. It has been observed that in times of crisis, investors require safety and inflation-beating returns to achieve their goals. Backed by their finance and investment expertise, Liquiloans help customers achieve that goal.                   

Flexibility to withdraw and invest                       

Unlike fixed deposit, and bonds, wherein you aren’t allowed to withdraw money when an emergency arrives, Liquiloans empowers you to withdraw money at will. Sounds exciting! That’s the magic of innovation-driven investment schemes. At the same time, there’s no correlation to interest rate movements.    

Weekend money parking 

How about weekend money parking to grow your money? This was an unlikely possibility a few years ago. However, it has been made possible now. You can park your money for the weekend, and use it on weekdays. Minimum 8% returns guaranteed.    

Hassle-free investment     

Investment has been made easy, hassle-free, and secure. If you are looking to invest then:  


Liquiloans investment plans are meticulously designed to help investors grow.  If you are looking for safe, transparent and reliable investment option, then end your search with Liquiloans. We look forward to help you in choosing the best investment!