nri demat account

India is one of the emerging economies in the world. As a result, businesses cutting across geographies and geographies are seeking opportunities to invest in India. Rightly so. Over the years, India has become one of the favorite destinations for investors, riding on an investment and business-friendly ecosystem and liberalized business policies. This blog will act as a guide for NRIs willing to invest in India.    

NRI is continuously getting attracted to their land of origin. The best NRI Demat account in India is offering a substantial opportunity to NRIs for investment. How is this one of the best ways to invest in India? Why is one of the NRI Demat account is getting preference? These and many more questions will be answered in this investment-centric blog. In addition to this, we will also focus on the role of investment consultant in Surat.                        

Understanding the NRI Demat account

To begin with, let’s share a few basics related to this account. Any idea who is an NRI? An NRI is a Non-Resident Indian who has migrated to foreign shores for a career, living, or education and is settled there, for example, US-based NRIs or UK-based NRIs. As an NRI, if you wish to enter into trading in the Indian stock market, then you must have the best NRI Demat account in India. In this regard, you can take guidance from an investment consultant in Surat. By having this account, NRIs can trade in bonds, stocks, IPs, mutual funds, and more.                

Benefits of the demat account for NRI

From the basics, let’s now shift our focus towards the benefits of the best NRI Demat account in India. Here are the benefits:             

  • An NRI is permitted to invest in the Indian stock market without any hindrance from any part of the world 
  • Transactions made in any form get reflected in the demat account holder 
  • Transactions are considerably fast and reliable
  • Many risks are automatically minimized 
  • Invest in shares, convertible debentures, ETFs, mutual funds, etc., of your choice

Documents required for NRI demat account  

Many NRIs have no clue about the documents required for the purpose. They are confused though they are willing to hold a demat account. In this regard, you can get in touch with an investment consultant in Surat. This section is featuring the list of documents required by an NRI to open demat account in India. Here is the list:      

  • A duly filled NRI account opening form with signature 
  • Portfolio investment scheme (PIS) letter of approval issued by RBI (Reserve Bank of India)
  • Passport sized photograph of the applicant with signature across the photo
  • Scanned copy of the PAN card
  • Overseas address proof of the holder 
  • Photocopy of passport 
  • Photocopy of visa
  • A canceled cheque of the NRO/ NRE bank account is to be linked to the demat account 
  • Photograph and signature of the nominee for being the nominee of the applicant            

Before reaching a banking or financial institute for your account, make sure, you have these documents in your folder.       


This blog will expand the knowledge of NRIs regarding the best NRI Demat account in India and how it is going to help NRIs in investment